Engineering 100-980

Drop Test Memo Guidelines


Written Questions

  1. Do drag force and terminal velocity change with mass? How?

  2. Do the drag force and terminal velocity change with parachute size? How?

  3. How does the streamer length and width change the effective area for the drag (if you assume constant drag coefficient of like 1).

  4. Plot your experimentally determined terminal velocities along with the theoretical terminal velocity calculated in the spreadsheet and the analytically calculated terminal velocities from your terminal velocity equation for your varying mass. (Hint: create a small table of these projected values as you vary your mass. You will have different lines on the plot!)

  5. Why do we have you time from the third or second story instead of from the moment it drops? (Think about the kinematic equations about velocity). Compare your calculation of the time-dependent position and velocity to the assumption we made. Does this make sense?

  6. At what altitude does the falling object reach terminal velocity? Does this depend on your parameter you chose to vary? How?


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