Engineering 100-980

Engineering 100-980 Homepage

Welcome to Engineering 100-980! Over the course of the next semester, you will be learning how to solder, program Arduino micro-controllers, design circuit boards, create 3D CAD files, and launch rockets!

This webpage serves as the homepage for this class. From here, you can access any resources you may need, including the syllabus, labs, and more.


View the syllabus here


The labs will be made publicly visible as they are released in the week leading up to lab. You can find them linked here:

Lab Manuals


The full project specification, including PDR, Go/No-Go tests, poster, and final report is here:

Project Specification PCB Documentation

Course Calendar

Calendar containing office hours and lecture/lab/discussion times.

Link to course calendar

Supplemental Resources

Reference pages that may be useful, like C++/Arduino cheat-sheet, Arduino pinout diagrams, and more. Check them out here.


View all walk-through tutorials on how to install, use, and debug resources we are using here.