Engineering 100-980


As we publish labs, they will become available here.

Lab 1: Arduino 101

Learning how to program and wire an Arduino micro-controller to control LEDs on a breadboard.

Link to lab 1

Lab 2: Iterative Numerical Analysis in a Computer

Learning how to become an Excel (or Google Sheets) wiz to manipulate and integrate data, and make beautiful and practical plots.

Link to lab 2

Lab 3: Temperature Sensing

Using our Arduino and circuitry knowledge to read data from a temperature sensor and plot it in real-time.

Link to lab 3

Lab 4: Creating a Standalone Arduino

Saving Arduino sensor data to a microSD card to that we can use it later, and powering an Arduino with a battery.

:warning: This may come in handy when launching rockets…

Link to lab 4

Lab 5: Acceleration & Pressure

Adding an accelerometer and pressure sensor to our Arduino breadboard circuit.

Link to lab 5

Lab 6: SolidWorks Modeling

Learning how to use a CAD program to design a 3D model of a SpaceX Starship Booster.

Link to lab 6

Lab 7: Altium

Link to lab 7

Lab 8: Drop Test

Analyzing terminal velocities of different drag-inducing objects under varying masses.

Link to lab 8

Memo Guidelines: Lab 8

Submit a separate PDF for the memo assignment aligning with the lab 8 memo guidelines.

Link to memo guidelines

Rocket Selection Guidelines

Read through the rocket selection guidelines to choose your group’s rocket and indicate your choice in the attached form.