Engineering 100-980

Rocket Selection


The inclusion of a rocket on the “Rocket Options” sheet does not imply that the rocket is a good choice. While there are good options on that list, not all models will work well with our final project. Use the following information and the links above to inform your decision.

Background Information

For your final project, you will be constructing a model rocket to house your sensor payload. Now is the time to choose which rocket you will build! There are a few requirements that you must meet when selecting your rocket. To help with this, we have provided a spreadsheet of potential options to choose from. Note that you may also choose a rocket not contained within our list, but you must explain why it will work on your selection form in order for it to be approved.

Selection Requirements

If you are a team of 5 people, you will be required to perform the body tube modification and are therefore not allowed to select the Estes Green Eggs model.


Have ONE team member fill out the Google Form attached to this page.